The Coffeecast is our informal podcast centering around the coffee scene here in Portland. We record it at various coffeehouses and other coffee-centric locations in the city, and while we talk mostly about coffee and the culture here, we may diverge into other random topics as well. A new podcast is uploaded every week, most of the time.

You can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, or through this RSS feed, or you can listen to episodes directly from our website, and even download them if you hate streaming. If you subscribe to us on iTunes, please leave us a good review! We love that.

Lastly, if you want to ask us a question to answer on our podcast, write it down here, dude!

Episode List!
[04/01/15] One, Park Ave & the List
[04/08/15] Two, Red E & Coffee News
[04/15/15] Three, Behind the Museum & Homebrew
[04/22/15] Four, Case Study & the Jitters
[04/29/15] Five, Albina Press & Selling Out
[05/06/15] Six, Arbor Lodge & the Coffee Date
[05/13/15] Seven, Heart & Red & Black
[05/20/15] Eight, See See’s & Coffee Containment
[05/27/15] Nine, Grendel’s & the (Ryan) Price of Coffee
[06/03/15] Ten, Coava & Cold Brew!
[06/10/15] Eleven, Cellar Door & Coffee to Go
[06/17/15] Twelve, Coco Donuts & 20 Great(?) Coffee Spots
[06/24/15] Thirteen, Saint Simon & Winging It
[07/01/15] Fourteen, STARBUCKS
[07/29/15] Fifteen, Fillmore & New Coffeeshop Theory
[08/05/15] Sixteen, JoLa Cafe & Coffee Music
[08/12/15] Seventeen, World Cup & Coffee Photography (& Other Stuff)
[08/26/15] Eighteen, Sterling & Winging It 2
[09/02/15] Nineteen, Either/Or & Coffee Community
[09/11/15] Twenty, Blue Kangaroo & Neighborhoods
[09/18/15] Twenty-one, Upper Left & Meta-Jitters
[09/29/15] BONUS EPISODE, Jayc’s House Pt 1 & Pullin’ Shots
[10/02/15] Twenty-two, Marigold & Women Roasters
[10/03/15] Minicast, Portland Greek Festival!
[10/09/15] Twenty-three, East Burn & the Sellout, Pt 2
[10/18/15] Twenty-four, Blend & Coffee Labeling
[10/24/15] Twenty-five, Naturalia Cafe & Coffee Community
[11/06/15] Twenty-six, Seven Virtues & the “Perfect” Shot
[11/07/15] Minicast, Stumptown’s “Grand Cru” Cold Brew
[11/15/15] Twenty-seven, St Johns Roasters & The Peet’s Buyout Blitz
[12/01/15] Twenty-eight, Cathedral & Subjectivity