Mugshot Of The Month: Cortado at Good Coffee

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We proudly present to you our newest feature: PDXpresso’s Mugshot of the Month! This a quick post to celebrate our current favorite coffees in the city.

Our first recipient is Good Coffee (review here) for their Cortado! A Cortado is a small beverage with a 1:1 ratio of espresso and milk. Good Coffee delivers them with exquisite balance. Not to be left out, their seasonal Maple and Smoked Orange Latte is also delight guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Episode Twenty-six, Seven Virtues & The “Perfect” Shot

In this episode, we visit Seven Virtues’ new location in “The Zipper” on NE Sandy, where we talk about Case Study’s new Synesso machine, and how it has a setting for automated shots, and if that’s a good thing or not (hint: we don’t think it is).

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[also, apologies for not getting the episode out last week, I was distracted by life. -Josh]

Cold Brew Re-view: Stumptown’s “Holiday Cheer”

Stumptown created the cold brew market, and is currently watching all other coffeeshops from its pedestal on high as they scramble to keep up. Hell, they even own Before Stumptown I had never heard of cold brew; now nearly every coffeeshop has some form of the beverage sitting in a jug in their fridge, even Starbucks. It’s not surprising–cold brew is stupidly easy to make, and cutting back on the acidity can result in some amazing flavor notes to a drink in an industry seemingly striving for any innovation they can get their latte-art-drawing hands on. Continue reading “Cold Brew Re-view: Stumptown’s “Holiday Cheer””

Episode Twenty-five, Naturalia Cafe & Coffee Community

In this episode we remain in the Overlook neighborhood and visit Naturalia Cafe, which serves Extracto beans. We talk about the nature of community and how coffeeshops shape and are shaped by it. (Apologies for the occasional loudness, it’s just the nature of an espresso machine in an echoey room.)

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Review: Ole Latte; in English: “We approve of milky coffee”

The college academic year has begun – a time of learning, exploring strange new words, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going… to class. Well guess what junior – college isn’t for any of that crap. It’s for banging hot people and drinking coffee; not necessarily in that order.

Now in this case maybe you’re a Portland State University student or just a random person wandering the hybridized sprawl that is Downtown Portland and PSU Campus. It’s inevitable that two things will occur: (1) you’ll be in a position where traffic is so bad you may as well park somewhere and get a cup of coffee OR (2) you just want a cup of coffee. Continue reading “Review: Ole Latte; in English: “We approve of milky coffee””