Episode Twenty-Nine, Water Avenue & Goofing Off

Hey friends! The podcast has been off for December due to a combination of the holidays and personal stuff, but now it’s 2016 and we are so back it’s crazy. In this episode (recorded back in November) we hang out at the always-enjoyable Water Avenue Coffee and Jayc gets us into an impromptu role playing game that’s ridiculous and funny.

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Episode Twenty-six, Seven Virtues & The “Perfect” Shot

In this episode, we visit Seven Virtues’ new location in “The Zipper” on NE Sandy, where we talk about Case Study’s new Synesso machine, and how it has a setting for automated shots, and if that’s a good thing or not (hint: we don’t think it is).

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[also, apologies for not getting the episode out last week, I was distracted by life. -Josh]

Cold Brew Re-view: Stumptown’s “Holiday Cheer”

Stumptown created the cold brew market, and is currently watching all other coffeeshops from its pedestal on high as they scramble to keep up. Hell, they even own coldbrew.com. Before Stumptown I had never heard of cold brew; now nearly every coffeeshop has some form of the beverage sitting in a jug in their fridge, even Starbucks. It’s not surprising–cold brew is stupidly easy to make, and cutting back on the acidity can result in some amazing flavor notes to a drink in an industry seemingly striving for any innovation they can get their latte-art-drawing hands on. Continue reading “Cold Brew Re-view: Stumptown’s “Holiday Cheer””

Episode Twenty-five, Naturalia Cafe & Coffee Community

In this episode we remain in the Overlook neighborhood and visit Naturalia Cafe, which serves Extracto beans. We talk about the nature of community and how coffeeshops shape and are shaped by it. (Apologies for the occasional loudness, it’s just the nature of an espresso machine in an echoey room.)

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