PDXpresso (yes, we know it’s “espresso”) is a website dedicated toward exploring and celebrating the diverse coffee culture here in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to provide news and reviews of the coffee scene in our fair city; to help and welcome those coffee drinkers who prefer arguably inferior, mass-produced coffee, find something better; and to delve into in-depth analysis of roasts, machines, brewing styles, and other intricacies that all go into providing the best coffee city on the west coast.

About the Authors

jaycThe self-described “handsome” one of the group, Jayc Izsó was born in the sooty depths of a North Carolina coal mine, his eyes never seeing daylight until the age of eight. To this day he complains of the sun’s brightness and will meticulously study any sparrow he meets to determine the air quality around him. His first cup of espresso came from the mouth of an Italian prostitute, who kissed him on his 18th birthday, pouring the thick coffee confection into his unknowing mouth at the same time and solidifying his constant desire for both real love and it’s effective counterpart, espresso. He continues to call espresso the “Whore’s Spit,” despite numerous complaints from both men, women, and various social activist groups. When he’s not drinking espresso, Jayc is often seen boxing anyone who is willing, and occasionally some who aren’t.

Email: jayc@pdxpresso.org

ryryRyan Price was born on a small coffee plantation in Southern Kenya – the son of a farm hand, he was raised in the art of beard growing and drinking hot liquids; two professions his family said could never be one. At the age of 8 he learned English and hopped a steam ship to America, where he joined a trade caravan delivering their wares to a mystical land called “Portland”. It was in this strange new land that Ryan invented the two wheeled motion machine he called a “bike”, and became the worlds first hipster by refusing to ride it until after it was cool.

Email: ryan@pdxpresso.org

Josh Belville is as old as coffee itself, some say. Born of nature, Josh wandered the forests naked in a time before mankind. Mother nature came to him one fateful day and said, “Child of my womb, naked wanderer of trees, I wish to craft a fruit that will make all of your progeny stand in line, enjoy only its toxins rather than its flavors, and lead to a poorly understood lawsuit between an older woman and a multinational hamburger conglomerate.” Sweet Josh was both clever and wise and said, “Fear not dear mother! For I have seen in my dreams a cherry which can do all of those things and more!” Mother Nature was delighted by this ominous news. “Tell me oh Josh, Avoider-of-Sun, Wearer-of-Glasses,” said Mother Nature, “What is this cherry you speak of?” So Josh crafted her the coffee cherry, and upon tasting the delicious fruit Mother Nature grew jealous and shouted, “Who are you mortal, who thinks they can craft the bounty of earth as I can?” And prideful Josh said, “I am the mighty Josh Belville, Destroyer of Outmoded Documents that Contain Sensitive Information, Master of a Small Cat, and I answer to no man or beast alive!” But Mother Nature was neither man nor beast; so she stole Josh’s great knowledge of the coffee cherry and banished him, as mortal, to the city of Portland.

Email: josh@pdxpresso.org
Twitter: joshbelville
Instagram: joshbelville

About Our Tag Along Podcaster

sharlaSharla Ware – she gets the biggest pictures because she is way hotter than the rest of us. Sharla never actually joined the team – we joined her and just decided to start recording conversations when she was drinking coffee nearby. Most of our recordings were for safety; Sharla has a tendency to threaten those nearby in a very hushed tone, but also so we could play her voice backwards and check if there were messages from Satan. In turns out there were, so we’ve kept Sharla around as our liaison to the Prince of Darkness.

Email: josh@pdxpresso.org

About the Photographer

11057799_10152657594216415_1165760574735867127_nJonathan Hernandez joined the team in early 2015 when we told him to. A self-stylized “photographist,” Jonathan briefly attempted making a name for himself at such events like the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and Portland Fashion Week but was promptly removed for trespassing and false credentials. Now he lives in squalor. With his former glory behind him, his residence is a small one-bedroom refrigerator box next to the bus station. His few remaining possessions consist of a series of stolen slammer pogs, a lucky rabbit’s face, and something he made out of paperclips and twine. But the former champ is literally hungry and looking to rise above his station once again. Will he do it? Only time will tell, but with a winning attitude and a digital camera he borrowed from his former step-brother’s cousin – he just might live to fight another day.

Email: jonathan@pdxpresso.org