Article: The Daily Grind – From Your Home

My mother and I rarely exchange Christmas gifts, but this (past) year I noticed that I had an old Breville BCG800XL (“Smart Grinder”) laying around.¬†Well my dear sweet mother had somehow lit what she called a coffee grinder (basically an old blender) on fire so I figured: why not drop the little Breville off with her for the holidays?


Our writer, Josh Belville, loves the Breville.

All this got me to thinking about coffee grinders at home. I’ve read an absurd amount of blogs and little articles in various magazines for what the “Best Home Grinder” is and so forth – frankly I’m not all that impressed with the information. Therefore, what I’m going to do in this write-up is twofold: (1) distill some of the more basic info down for you so you don’t have to go through the tedious process of reading all the blogs, watching YouTube videos, etc. and (2) I’ll give you some fine advice on what to get grinder wise since, honestly, it’s pretty damn cut and dry.

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Episode Twenty-Nine, Water Avenue & Goofing Off

Hey friends! The podcast has been off for December due to a combination of the holidays and personal stuff, but now it’s 2016 and we are so back it’s crazy. In this episode (recorded back in November) we hang out at the always-enjoyable Water Avenue Coffee and Jayc gets us into an impromptu role playing game that’s ridiculous and funny.

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