BONUS EPISODE, Jayc’s House Part 1 & Pullin’ Shots

Happy National Coffee Day listeners! For this lovely day we finally bring to you the first of a three (three? I think three) part series we recorded at Jayc’s house months ago. In this episode we pull espresso shots and make some terrible latte art, and begin our adventure in teeth-chattering levels of caffeine intake. We’ll have our usual podcast on Friday as well, so stay tuned!

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Neophyte Review: 12oz Americano, Lotus & Bean Espresso Bar, 536 SW 3rd Ave

During my lunch break on this particularly fateful day in downtown Portland, I decided I would get an afternoon coffee. Typically my coffee drinking is relegated to the morning; I’ll have one cup of pour over at work and that usually gets me through the day. Occasionally when I’m tired or sluggish I’ll get a second coffee after lunch, but that’s an exception to my rule. See, I have rules, rituals if you will, in my life because if you don’t give yourself little rules, one day you’ll randomly stick five heroin needles in your arm and die. I mean, it could happen, right?, which is why you have an unconscious rule: “Don’t stick five heroin needles in my arm.” You don’t think you do, but you do (unless you’ve already done it, in which case, please go to the hospital). Continue reading “Neophyte Review: 12oz Americano, Lotus & Bean Espresso Bar, 536 SW 3rd Ave”

Review: MariGOLD coffee… alright that was bad, let me try again

When I read Barista Magazine’s select few articles on women in coffee roasting ( I thought to myself two things: (1) Hey! Why isn’t Joey Gleason, the owner of Marigold listed, and (2) Wait a minute! Representation is one thing, but isn’t it just as sexist to celebrate women roasters by first focusing on the fact that they are women rather than the fact that they’re roasters? Maybe its just me, but I’d rather be celebrated for my skills, talents, and abilities that I worked at rather than the fact that I was born with a penis and, coincidentally, happen to have skills… So, as a demonstration of my reviewer skills, in contrast to Barista Magazine’s poorly thought-out premise: I offer unto you, sweet reader, a celebration of Marigold Coffee – the creation of Joey Gleason, her team, and their talents and abilities.

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