NEOPHYTE REVIEW: 12oz americano, Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters, Florence, Oregon

The Ocean. God’s constantly churning bathwater, frigid and frothy and chock full of sharks and squids and whales and lobsters and weird fish bugs and insects and–yech, gross, hold on, let me start this over.

The Ocean. A lot of people go there a lot. The ocean is always a majestic scene, especially on the west coast here in Oregon–as you drive west from, say, Portland, you find yourself amid the forest for an hour and a half or so until, finally, the ocean just sort of appears. It’s magical, and as a native of a landlocked state, it never fails to thrill and awe me to see the seemingly endless horizon of water moving, being constantly pulled to and fro by the damned moon. How crazy is that? A giant orb in the sky pulls the water on a bigger orb just with its gravitational pull. Continue reading “NEOPHYTE REVIEW: 12oz americano, Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters, Florence, Oregon”

Article: How to French a Press – Now With Sexy Pictures

The French Press (FP from now on – not DP in case you were looking for porn) has been making a bit of a commercial comeback in Portland over the past few years. Places like Stumptown, Ristretto, Cellar Door, and even non-roasters like Stomping Grounds, Albina, and Arbor Lodge have been serving it as their go-to artisanal coffee brewing method Continue reading “Article: How to French a Press – Now With Sexy Pictures”