Review: Jim & Patty’s – Coffee People for non-coffee people

Preface: I have recently been informed by Jim Roberts that parts of this are inaccurate – he hasn’t yet elaborated on which parts, so while I do stand by my review, please take my cursory history of Jim & Patty’s with a grain of salt.

Update: Jim Roberts has not responded to repeated inquiries about my historical accuracy. Therefore, it’s a deductive fact that I am right about my history and he’s mad that his coffee is average.

Updated Update: Heard back from Jim – the complaint lodged had a two fold nature: (1) my review does not appear to be objective, and (2) I don’t know, I guess there is some sort of religious component I glossed over or bad-mouthed. (1) is absolutely correct – I didn’t like the coffee. So as you go through this review realize I am not being objective at all. As for (2)… it’s true that there is a fine line between coffee reviewing and Biblical exegesis; I have, thus far, attempted to avoid the common shift from the former to the latter. But if I were to play the hermeneutics game for a brief moment I’d wager that Jesus liked his coffee like he liked his disciples: light brown, earthy, and occasionally capable of betraying expectations. May we follow that path as well.

So I found myself out near Legacy Good Sam (the hospital in NW), primarily because I like the smell of death┬áit’s close by 23rd, which means good coffee (Sterling is just a few blocks away) and plenty of delightful places to eat. Whilst wandering, however, I ran into a silly place called Jim & Patty’s Coffee. No they’re not a local roaster, but they have enough eclectic art, pastries, and Portland coffee history to tempt even the most devout espresso consumer. Continue reading “Review: Jim & Patty’s – Coffee People for non-coffee people”

NEOPHYTE REVIEW: See See Coffee & Motorcycles, 1642 NE Sandy Blvd

Macchiatos have become my drink of choice. Not sure why, other than it seems to be the perfect amount of espresso and milk. Lattes are often like drinking milk with some coffee in it, which is delicious in its own right, but macchiatos have this blend that, when done well, is mind-bendingly awesome. Macchiatos were my gateway drink into the seedy underbelly known as Coffee Drinking. Continue reading “NEOPHYTE REVIEW: See See Coffee & Motorcycles, 1642 NE Sandy Blvd”

Barista (4), more than just a friendly face behind the counter! 823 NW 23rd Ave

Just reflecting.

Named after the wonderful people behind the counter, Barista has been a Portland coffee institution since 2009. They are a multi-roaster cafe, which means they rotate coffees from Portland’s greatest roasters as well as a selection of roasters from all over North America. Continue reading “Barista (4), more than just a friendly face behind the counter! 823 NW 23rd Ave”