See See Motor COFFEE

see see coffee & motorcycles

Much has been made of Portland being a cyclist city. Well, some of the fixie-riding hipsters decided to switch over to motorcycles cuz they got tired of showing up to basement house shows and their favorite dive bars drenched in sweat. Okay, I’m kidding but there are lots of people in Portland cruising around on hogs! The crew behind See See clearly saw the opportunity early on! Thus, a great cafe was born! Continue reading “See See Motor COFFEE”

Neophyte Review: 16oz Americano at Palio, 1996 SE Ladd Ave

It's like a little hobbit coffeeshop.

It’s like a little hobbit coffeeshop.

Nestled in the confusion known as Ladd’s Addition sits Palio, a l’il coffeeshop that serves the most yupster of hipsters within the southeast section of Our Fair City. Ladd’s Addition is known for its unique topographical layout and its frustrating ability to make you lost almost instantaneously, like some kind of minotaur lair, despite the fact that’s it’s just a giant X of roads. Driving, walking, biking, it doesn’t matter, you will get lost unless you’ve made a pact with the god of roads, Fharlanghn (that is a Dungeons & Dragons reference, I’m very sorry). Continue reading “Neophyte Review: 16oz Americano at Palio, 1996 SE Ladd Ave”

Neophyte Review: 12oz Americano at Coco Donuts, 2735 NE Broadway

cocodono“The Americano Mistake-o”

So I’m knee-deep in Lent. Not Lent like the Catholic, fasting for the love of Christ Lent, but more like a bet I made with a coworker that we mutually decided would work best over Lent. Same intention, just without the religious aspect. We’ve both decided to give up sugary junk food. Refined sugar and all that. It’s been a tough road, as I have a serious sweet tooth, especially for … everything sweet. But I only have a couple of weeks left and I feel good … so imagine my dismay when I realized, 3/4ths of the way through a workday, that the only coffeeshop open in the afternoon that was worth a damn was Coco Donuts. Continue reading “Neophyte Review: 12oz Americano at Coco Donuts, 2735 NE Broadway”

Review: “Behind the Museum” and other non-geographical spaces

Behind the Museum Cafe

Note: Josh refused to try the Matcha Latte for some reason – I declined out of loyalty to the almighty espresso and Ryan refuses to consume green things. So try it because everyone says it’s amazing. Behind the Museum isn’t a roaster, they peddle Extracto beans; which is pretty damn decent given that they seem to put the time and effort into actually pulling good shots. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time at Behind the Museum as this was my go-to coffee place prior to Olé Latte opening up. If you get the old Japanese lady pulling your shots, consider yourself lucky; not only is she cute as a button but she’ll whip up a pretty good espresso too. Continue reading “Review: “Behind the Museum” and other non-geographical spaces”